Customized Coaching. Tailored Consultation. Result-Driven Interim Management.

With over 15 years of industry-specific experience, we are more than just consultants – we are your strategic partner for the agile transformation of your software company. We understand the multifaceted challenges of the IT sector and leverage our extensive experience, along with our wide network of industry experts, to transform your company into a dynamic, growth-driven organization.



Our customized coaching strategically enhances the skills of your employees and leaders, increases team effectiveness, and significantly improves your company's competitiveness. In close collaboration with your HR department, we develop strategies that seamlessly integrate into your business processes and promote a culture of continuous growth. Choose a partner who helps you achieve exceptional results.


With tailored consultation, we guide you safely through the dynamic business world. Through our proven practical expertise and your industry knowledge, we jointly maximize your entrepreneurial success. Our consulting service develops clear, actionable strategies into effective action plans and reliably supports you on the path to market leadership. Take the next crucial strategic step into a successful future with us.

Interim management.

Rely on our Interim Managers when you are in the need for a true leader who not only manages processes but also achieves sustainable results. Our experts serve as dynamic catalysts who initiate significant changes and create lasting value. They recognize the big picture while not losing sight of the details. Experience how they realize your business goals with result-oriented dedication and lead your team to success.

About Us

The founder

Oliver Scheffert has firsthand knowledge of the challenges IT companies face. With a completed doctoral program in Business Administration and a Master’s in “International Business Studies”, he is not only academically accomplished but also brings practical experience from his many years of service in the industry.

At Microsoft, where he worked in various leadership roles for almost 13 years, he played a significant role in the development of the ISV business division in Germany. However, for Oliver, numbers and personal accomplishments are just part of the story. He has received various awards like the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, but he sees his true successes in the teams he has built and led and in the corporate cultures he has helped shape.

After his time at Microsoft, Oliver served as General Manager at Aparavi Software Europe GmbH, before realizing his vision and founding CNSLT Partners. Today, he leverages his extensive experience to assist IT companies in crafting their own success narratives.

For Oliver, business consulting is more than just a job. It’s his passion to identify potential within a company and empower it to fully realize that potential.

“I love working closely with my clients,” says Oliver, “to develop tailored, effective, but also pragmatic solutions. In the end, it’s the collaboration that makes the difference.”

The Company

Founded in June 2023, CNSLT Partners leverages the extensive experience and comprehensive expert network of its founder to assist IT and specifically software companies with practical, pragmatic, and active solutions on their path to sustainable success. Our approach is not just about the ‘what’ but crucially about the ‘how’ of our work.

Driven by this philosophy, we at CNSLT Partners have created a unique cultural framework within which we operate: CNSLT Partners “DOES IT” – taking responsibility for living up to our values.

iversity & Inclusion:

We harness the power of diverse ideas to drive innovation.


We take full responsibility – for our decisions, successes, failures, and learning journeys.

mpowering Communities:

Our passion extends beyond consulting. We actively engage in the communities we collaborate with to empower and strengthen them.


Our actions aim to have a sustainable impact and to positively shape the environmental footprint of the tech industry.


Honesty and steadfast moral principles are the foundation of our work.


Open and genuine communication is our key to success. It fosters trust and facilitates informed decision-making.

Diversity & Inclusion:

We rely on the power of diverse ideas to promote innovation.


We take full responsibility – for our decisions, (failures) and learning processes.

Empowering Communities:

Our passion goes beyond advice. We are actively engaged in the communities we work with to empower them.


Our actions are characterized by the goal of having a sustainable effect and positively shaping the environmental impact of the technology industry.


Honesty and unwavering moral principles form the foundation of our work.


Open and sincere communication is our key to success. It creates trust and enables informed decisions.

To us, ethical behavior is more than just a marketing proposition – it represents both a moral obligation and a strategic necessity in our fast-evolving business world. As a company, we are acutely aware of the great responsibility that comes with advising others.

With “DOES IT”, CNSLT Partners proudly takes on an active role in promoting ethical practices within IT consulting. We embody the principles we stand for and relentlessly nurture a culture of integrity within our organization.

We warmly invite you to become a part of this movement. Engage in dialogue with us, and together, let’s design business models that are profitable while simultaneously being humane, sustainable, and responsible.

Expert network

At CNSLT Partners, we see ourselves not merely as strategy consultants but as dependable companions supporting our clients in all their challenges. We recognize our expertise has boundaries; we cannot be specialists in every project or business domain. Yet, unwilling to compromise on the quality of our work, collaborating with external industry experts, technology visionaries, and strategic partners is not just valuable for us but essential. We consider our expansive, meticulously cultivated network our most significant asset.

Our standards are lofty, mirroring the expectations of our clients. We’re continually on the lookout for talented professionals and forward-thinking companies that share our passion for exceptional, ethical, and sustainable work.

If you wish to join a community of industry leaders with more than just business on their minds – those actively aiming to make a positive difference – we heartly invite you to become part of our network.

Customers, Partners & Affiliates


Are you ready to contribute your strengths to a team that holds excellence as the benchmark? At CNSLT Partners, we offer more than just a job – we provide a career path that promotes your individual growth and supports your further education. Become a part of a dynamic and inclusive company that operates collaboratively with integrity and transparency. Your role at CNSLT Partners will be pivotal in shaping the future of our clients and effecting positive, sustainable changes in the market.

Explore our open positions and apply to become a part of the CNSLT Partners family.

At CNSLT Partners, we firmly believe that every individual can make a difference. Are you a student captivated by the dynamic world of IT business consulting? Join us and get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and actively shape our company’s future.

Your Responisiblities

  • Assist us in all areas – from creating pitch decks and customer presentations to optimizing our market positioning and developing future business models.
  • Actively bring in your ideas to advance our company and collaborate in innovation workshops.
  • Conduct market and competitive analyses to further develop our strategies based on data insights
  • Support the establishment and maintenance of customer relationships through the preparation and accompaniment of client appointments.

Your Profile

  • You are enrolled in a business or IT-related study program.
  • You work proactively and independently, keeping an eye on the bigger picture while paying attention to the details.
  • You have good communication skills in both German and English.
  • You have a high affinity for technology and a keen interest in business consulting.

What We Offer

  • Become a part of our dynamic team that values flexibility and quick decision-making.
  • In our company, values and mutual success come first. We promote an open culture where every voice matters.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to learn from experts and continuously develop your skills.
  • Experience a work environment where innovation and creativity are paramount.

If you are ready to embark on an exciting career journey, we look forward to your application!

At CNSLT Partners, we are constantly on the lookout for dedicated talents ready to face the challenges of IT business consulting. If you are a passionate individual eager to proactively make a difference, we invite you to apply to explore potential future collaborations.

Your Possible Areas of Responsibility

  • Collaborating in dynamic project teams and supporting client presentations.
  • Conducting market and competitive analyses for the strategic further development of the company.
  • Actively participating in innovation workshops and contributing your creative ideas to the company’s development.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of administrative processes and general office activities.

Your Profile

  • You have relevant professional experience already.
  • You work independently, show initiative, and keep an eye on the big picture.
  • You have excellent communication skills, both in German and English.
  • You have a high affinity for technology and an interest in the consulting industry.

What We Offer

  • A dynamic, value-oriented team with flat hierarchies awaits you here.
  • Benefit from numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • We promote a culture of innovation and creativity where each individual can contribute.

If you are ready to take the first step towards a promising future, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

Frequently Asked Questions

CNSLT Partners marries deep industry knowledge with decades of hands-on experience, coupled with an unwavering commitment to sustainable business development. We don’t just view ourselves as consultants; we see ourselves as long-term partners, driven to ensure your enduring success.

Our network, comprised of esteemed experts, is among our most invaluable assets. Tailoring to the specific needs and requirements of each project, we harness the optimal expertise to guarantee consistently high project quality. Our external specialists, meticulously chosen based on stringent criteria, integrate seamlessly into our consulting projects, contributing their specialized knowledge to forge innovative and impactful solutions.

Our corporate culture, rooted in our “DOES IT” principles (Diversity & Inclusion, Ownership, Empowering Communities, Sustainability, Integrity, and Transparency), isn’t just a formal guideline. It is at the heart of everything we do and influences every project we undertake and every interaction we have with our clients.

With CNSLT Partners, you’re not just a number, but a valued partner. We measure our success by the tangible results we deliver for you, be it enhancing your operational efficiency, elevating customer satisfaction, or significantly boosting your revenue and company value.
CNSLT Partners specializes in offering bespoke consulting services to software manufacturers in the German-speaking regions. We possess a profound understanding of the distinct challenges and opportunities within this market and craft strategies tailored to the nuances of the industry and the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s formulating growth strategies, fine-tuning organizational processes, or expertly guiding through global expansion – we act as a steadfast and committed partner alongside software manufacturers.

However, our scope isn’t limited to just one industry or the German-speaking regions. Thanks to our extensive and diverse network of experts, we can effectively support businesses in other countries and various segments of the IT sector – and beyond. This includes companies at any stage of their digital transformation, whether they’re in the financial sector, healthcare, retail, or any other industry. For these businesses, we devise purpose-driven solutions that not only digitalize their business models but also sustainably optimize and future-proof them.

In every project we undertake, our foremost objective remains clearly defined: We pave the way for our clients towards innovative, efficient, and future-proof business solutions.
At CNSLT Partners, we place paramount importance on quality and integrity at every stage of our consulting process. To ensure this, we adopt a rigorous and transparent approach based on the following pillars:

  • Expert Selection: We rely on a network of esteemed professionals, chosen for their extensive experience, superior qualifications, and pertinent references.

  • Expertise Verification: We hold the up-to-date knowledge of our consultants in high regard. We regularly check to ensure our experts are current with the latest advancements in their respective fields.

  • Transparency and Communication: We maintain an open and candid line of communication with our clients. This means consistently presenting our progress and results transparently and actively seeking and implementing feedback.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our consulting approaches are customized to the needs and objectives of our clients. We eschew “one-size-fits-all” solutions, opting instead for strategies and solutions precisely aligned with the specific requirements of each client.

  • Independence and Objectivity: As an independent consulting firm, we commit to absolute objectivity and integrity. Our recommendations are always in the best interests of our clients and free from any external influences.

  • Quality Assurance: We subject our work to stringent internal reviews to ensure it meets our quality benchmarks. Additionally, we welcome external audits and client evaluations to continually assess and enhance our performance.

  • Adherence to Ethical Principles: We strictly abide by a predefined code of conduct that ensures integrity, confidentiality, and professional behavior. This code binds all our employees and external consultants, forming an integral part of our corporate culture.

Through this comprehensive and structured approach, CNSLT Partners guarantees the highest level of consulting quality and integrity. Our foremost goal is to earn and retain our clients’ trust by consistently delivering impeccable and outstanding services.
A typical project at CNSLT Partners goes through several meticulously coordinated phases to ensure we fully comprehend our clients’ specific needs and can craft effective, tailored solutions. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Initial Consultation and Needs Analysis: In a non-binding, free-of-charge meeting, we discuss the client’s current situation, objectives, and challenges. Within this framework, initial expectations are clearly defined, and we collaboratively determine whether and how the desired goals can be achieved together.

  2. Proposal and Scoping: Based on the initial discussion, we draft a personalized proposal. It provides a detailed project plan, scope of services, suggested solutions, and a transparent cost breakdown

  3. Project Kick-off: Upon acceptance of the proposal, we commence with a kick-off meeting, introducing the project team and refining and finalizing objectives and timelines.

  4. Analysis and Conceptualization Phase: We deeply analyze the client’s current situation and, based on that, develop strategic concepts and solution proposals.

  5. Implementation Phase: Following the alignment of the concept with the client, we move to the implementation phase. Here, planned measures are put into practice, always closely coordinated with the client.

  6. Quality Assurance and Monitoring: During and post-implementation, we continuously check the quality of outcomes, adjusting the strategy if necessary. We keep our clients regularly updated on the project’s status and progress.

  7. Conclusion and Evaluation: At the project’s end, a final assessment takes place. The achieved results are meticulously compared to the original objectives and jointly evaluated with the client.

  8. Post-Project Support and Advancement: We remain available to our clients even after the project concludes, ensuring the sustainable implementation of the developed solutions and assisting with further optimization needs.
The pricing structure for CNSLT Partners’ services is customized to cater to the varied needs and demands of our customers. We always emphasize transparency and fairness, so below is an overview of our pricing structure:

  1. Pay-as-you-use Billing or Fixed-rate Hourly Packages: At CNSLT Partners, our clients have a choice: Hour-by-hour billing allows maximum flexibility and is the ideal solution for projects whose scope is not precisely predictable in advance. Fixed-rate hourly packages, on the other hand, provide cost certainty, predictability, and attractive discount opportunities – the perfect choice for clients who wish to adhere to a set budget and value financial predictability.

  2. Volume and Long-term Discounts: Our pricing model is straightforward and customer-friendly: The more extensive or long-term the project, the lower the daily rate. This allows our clients to significantly save on large-scale or long-term projects while simultaneously benefiting from our comprehensive expertise.

  3. Special Offers for Young Companies: To support start-ups and emerging businesses in their growth phase, we offer special terms. These include discounted rates and flexible payment models, enabling young companies to access professional consulting services without unduly straining their liquidity.

  4. Transparency and Integrity: At CNSLT Partners, transparency isn’t just an empty promise but a fundamental principle of our work. Our clients always receive a clear and detailed breakdown of the services provided. We communicate openly and understandably about which services are billed and why – with no hidden costs or surprises.

With this approach, we ensure that our top-tier services are offered in a fair, transparent, and client-focused pricing model.